Clash of Titans, War of Worlds

February 11, 2011

Current WGOSA champion, Josh Jordan + Aunt Beast, has begun a three-round match with WGOSA world champion, Roman Khorkov. Each round will consist of two games played simultaneously by email. The first round is well underway. This match will help answer the question of whether it is still possible for an unassisted human to compete at sprouts against a top computer. For many other games - chess, checkers, othello, scrabble, backgammon - the analogous answer seems to be "no" (corrections, please!), but some games (Go, for notable instance) clearly remain in the yes column. Additional insight into the current positioning of sprouts is very welcome, but even apart from this intriguing angle, the formal clash of two such titanic sprouts forces is great news for the sprouts world and a wonderful way to usher in the upcoming new season.

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